***RESCHEDULED*** Mélissa Laveaux @ QUYON CHURCH Sunday Feb 17

We were super stoked about our second show! The one and only Mélissa Laveaux!!!

Go buy her music and stay warm dancing around to it!

Mélissa grew up in Montréal, spent some time in Ottawa before heading to Paris where she lives now. A skilled guitarist with a beautiful voice and a charm that draws you in. On tour supporting her latest album, RADYO SIWEL, Mélissa is graciously joining our unique venue in Quyon for an intimate performance.

In exile, the call of Haiti’s cultural heritage had sounded to Mélissa like a veiled voice coming from an out-of-range radio. Once there she tuned in the receiver, filled in the blanks to honour struggles past and then re-imagined them, to open up a future of new possibilities. It’s a fairy-tale still looking for a happy ending. But Radyo Siwèl is where a proud but often tragic past meets the promise of a better future.


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